His name is known pretty well among those who played during beta, one heck of a non-var TM.


By: Alkimos

Came up with real technical builds and he even was the first TM to beat Big tuna (Tuna was one tough cookie back then).

One of the most well known 1v1 & 2v2 non-varium TM's. He also beat George Lowe with no frost weapons and with non-varium equips! He won his 1v1 medal and 2v2 medal in early beta. Just a little info, it was hard to win 1v1 medal in early beta as a non varium and it was hard to win 2v2 as a non-varium mage. Further more, he reached commander before any other non var. He was the first to reach that rank as a non varium. First F2P to obtain the Treasure Hunter Achievement (Jari was the runner up). His personality was exemplary. B9000 was just as comfortable chatting with high level varium players as it was to speak with anyone. He treated everyone equally. Never felt feel that he was below anyone just because they are non-varium. Most Gamma players and above do not remember him.

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