All time 2vs2 player 77% win rate, creator of many builds, master of all classes, first player to solo a 2v1 boss.


By: Alkimos

PRIMAL ASSASSIN still plays which is enough motivation for me to continue playing.

TL;DR: Primal is a cool dude who is skilled with years of experience in 2v2. PRIMAL ASSASSIN has put a lot of work into his 2v2 win percentages (outside of all his trolling) , so don't be surprised for a skilled 2v2 player like himself to tell their partners what they see from experience is the best move for them to do at that moment. Primal actually quit back in 2012 when he was at rank #9 on 2v2. I believe that to be his highest position, but I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong. He will personally go down forever as one of the greats in this game for me. Primal has had quite a few name changes, the ones I am most familiar with are "0sama Bin Laggin" & "Ben Dover" ( did I mention this guy is a A+ troll?!). I actually feel so bad for him and the other 70%+ 2v2 all-timers when their win % was removed from the all-time. But I guess thats why I'm here writing this story, likewise with many of the other oldies I have wrote stories about; so more players will know of their legacy & never forget their epicness. Believe it or not, primal is one of the few players that actually made an attempt to stream this game in the older phases. Me & Primal actually didn't formally meet until Omega phase in the "Variation" faction. We were actually apart of the same factions in older phases, "Knights of the Round" for example, but never spoke. I think his proudest faction he was a part of was "xDidoOox killers team". Ever since the variation faction, we have remained a package deal & continued joining a few facs together. We both currently reside in SyFy's/Alley's faction: House of Sin. So...lets get into some of his builds. He has been all classes many times over. However, I think everyone & even primal himself, knows him for playing a TM: -First player to solo a 2 vs 1 boss, the armour hazard. -He is the one who made the caster build in delta (with the beta weps). It was very powerful and I remember him getting 90%+ daily in the 2v2 leader board. -I've seen Primal using no malf, but pure max Plasma and Multi build with about 160-170 mp. It was defeating a few players in 2 shots. I feel like something worth mentioning, is primal was a ED/AQW youtuber who sits at 108k total views. Despite him being lot younger when he made these, I feel like he never got enough coverage:

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By: Mr. Delector

One of the best 2v2ers ever

Primal Assassin was and still is an insane player. He has been around since Beta and dominated 2v2 battles ever since. He is and always was on 2v2 all time leaderboards with one of the best win/loss ratios there. He has used numerous insane builds and even invented the Beta items caster build which even Endtime started using. He would experiment with different classes and regardless of what class he was, he made good builds with it. He has had a ton of different cool looks in the game too. He has an awesome personality and has always been a good friend of mine. Like his bio states, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the builds ever used was created by him. He also made youtube videos back in the days, a few of which I'm happy to be in. The fact that he is the first player to solo a 2v1 boss just goes to show how he thinks outside the box and how good he is. In 2v2 fights when I play with him I'm always amazed by how good he is at thinking many turns ahead. Regardless of battle mode, Primal is one of the best players.

a year ago

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