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By: Mr. Delector

Great player and person

Amazing player, used to be first on all time Juggernaut leaderboard back when it wasn't mainly dominated by botters. He is a great guy and has contributed a lot to the EpicDuel community by being an EpicDuelWiki staff, archknight and making cool youtube videos. I used to be good friends with him and I'm honoured to be in his Edgar Boothe youtube video. His youtube videos were really good and he shared some awesome, unique builds on his youtube channel such as a 130 hp TLM tank build. He also made a random items fight video that I really liked with KeSs LoVe and a Non-Varium TLM build. The Shadow Merc was a non var mercenary alt of his that he made a few videos on where he defeated Juggernauts, which was really hard to do as a non var back then. My strongest memories of 8x is him as a merc/tlm, I think those were the classes he always enjoyed the most. He has been around since Beta as a strong Mercenary. I'm happy to see that he still is around on Forums and I agree with what he posts there.

a year ago

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