Founder - Retired - Old Mod - Friendly


By: Mr. Delector

Good friend and mod.

I'm happy to say I was good friends with this guy. I was in his second big faction Old Glory with other legendary players like Primal Assassin and Alkimos. He was super nice to me and everyone, extremely helpful if anyone needed help or had questions for him. He was one of the best EpicDuel mods/players ever and always had great builds, he would experiment a lot and ended up with different, really good builds. His first faction Knights of the Round will go down in EpicDuel history as one of the very best factions that will ever be, it won daily leaderboard many times and at one point had six all time players at once. The faction had honourable members during Beta, Gamma and Delta such as Uria13, Celestine Eclipse, Bluebird NO1/Comicalbiker, JariTheMighty (Most likely best non var ever), Raph, Shaolin Hunt, VIX, syfy, Dorumon, iRhian, Ashari, Alkimos, P4R4NO1D DR34M3R, Trizkial, Epicness etc.

a year ago

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