Velvet Cheeks

Famous & probably the best officer in the "Savage Killers". Former 2v2 #1 - 1v1 all-timer


By: Alkimos

Unbeatable Girl & was very kind

I remember when Velvetcheeks got on all-time 1v1 her win % was higher than Angel's. Not sure what her overall 2v2 ratio was, but surely +70% and she often hit +80's% on daily with ease. Manged to also be on both 1v1 & 2v2 all-time battle modes at the same time. She is currently in TestBuild's faction. Now, from what a source that I would consider believable told me sometime ago, velvet was inevitably disabled for dummying. She apparently quit on Velvet for 4 months, than started to dummy on a alt. Despite this mistake, I consider her career a legacy.

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