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By: Alkimos

Did anyone ever keep track of the amount of alt factions she created?

Seriously! I think it had to be 7-8? Regardless, I'd say the most popular factions were "The Girls of Buffy & "Legion of Buffy". The Girls of Buffy were often accused of cheating... I'm not here to confirm or deny that, but from my experience; I believe they were a pretty solid faction. If there was a "most mysterious player award" your looking at her. Didn't know her personally, but despite what some people might say she was very loyal (to god forbid how many factions she has).

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By: Jordan.S


Buffy is a player who a lot of people knew bur yet she didn't talk to many players. I have been a part of the Legion of Buffy and maybe even joined Girls of Buffy as a joke. I can't remember the last time I ever talked to her but I still have her added on my BL!!!

a year ago

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