Founder Tester, Legend, 4 Red Stars


By: Albus Dumbledore

one of most respected guys in ed he is Army or u can call him Armito

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By: ArMaGeDoN1000

Started playing in February 2009. My first name was Lordofchaos1000. I joined several factions like Black Knights of Chaos, ED Gladiators, MEGANET, Death Syndicate X, Control alt Death, ED War Tribunal,Legit etc. I met many players met many players who do not play anymore. For instance Faybee, SmokingAce, Shundra, Pebbles, Sparticus, Sir Lazarus, etc. I learnt alot of a old friend, his name is Arcanis, maybe someone meet him . Actually, I do not have a faction where I stay forever.

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