Previous 1v1 all-timer & Founder of "Death Syndicate X".


By: Alkimos

The X Factor

Founder, Leader, Main Recruiter. Ex-Moderator. Originally known as "Daphne" https://imgur.com/QTaGfl7 , Dax started the DSX faction in early January 2009 with two other members. He quickly became the most well known and respected mage in 1v1 battles due to his knowledge of creating builds for all classes and his leadership skills in the faction. A good chunk of mods came from under Dax. On the original EpicDuel forums, Dax was voted by players into the "Best Mage of Beta" by a considerable vote count. Dax was made a Moderator of Epicduel in June, 2009, and continued to have one of the best factions in the game. Dax was a fabulous Mage, he was the "Mage Doctor". If anyone needed help, he was always was there to aid. Players think because he's a mod he had special privileges, well during beta he was a beast with his major skills and great balanced stats. Used caster skills along with a staff and decent support. It didn't stop with TM...Dax and Donna Matrix created some OP BH builds. Dax achieved 1305 1v1 wins in a single day as a str BH. Battling players like Dax was fun even if it resulted in a lost. Seeing the progression and the building to what this faction is today, it was amazing.

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