The Chosen 0ne

He created this website. Founder of Blarg.


By: All Buffed Up

Exploding Penguin

The old name

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By: Albus Dumbledore

The chosen 0ne this man was in delta beast he won very first jugg champ with his fac chosen team of juggs and then he made first WD in the same day from jugg chosen one is smart strategy guy when it comes in ed he knows what to and what to command his players tbh he is one of the best leaders i played for. -ghost of death 95

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By: All Buffed Up

Slick chosen 0ne

He once knew about the Elon Musks spears! They were one cheap lil credit!!!!! and then, chosen bought so much and then reported a glitch to dev team which forced them to fix that and the price! The sellback... was 350 credits later... Everyone got rich, chosen the Slick Santa

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By: Mr. Delector

Cool dude

This guy is awesome and has been around since Beta. We used to talk back in Delta and I used to watch his videos a lot. Great player with quality videos and builds. I especially loved his EpicDuel phase transition videos, it's always nice seeing heaps of "Epic Duelists" hyped for a new phase together. Has always been nice to me and others.

a year ago

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