Smackie El Frog

Founder of "The Evil Council" faction. Juggernaut All-timer.


By: Alkimos

Made some of the most funniest faction titles and character names I've ever seen.

Forums Signature: Stats: Smackie El Frog was also extremely good at this game. I remember 1v1ing him in Beta, those matches were some of the most intense matches I've ever had. Some of his character alt/names: Master Betty, OFMGWTFBBBQHAXOR, La Furia Roja, Dr. Horrible, Dwarf In A Flask. Smackie achieved a lot of war kills back in the day & was the first player to reach 2 blue stars first. Also one of the few players who received the "Omega Photographer Achievement". Would be great if a few TEC's members had some words to say (I know your still out there).

a year ago

By: Jordan.S

Master Betty

I knew Smackie back in delta and early Omega, he was extremely kind and was a very good player. His faction The Evil Council are still one of my favourite factions ever created.

a year ago

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