By: The Chosen 0ne

He always kills me

And he heals like nine times too. Good player. 10/10. Makes me want to disconnect when I match up with him though.

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By: All Buffed Up


He was doing 2v2 and trying to win the champ, then someone named LatinoKing

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By: All Buffed Up

Rage Part 2

Abdi lost the 2v2 champ because Latino was altimg for his faction, and the sudden "FUUCK YOOUUU" came up and Abdi blocked him and raged at him. The wrath of Abdi will come again

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By: Abdi


I've been playing EpicDuel since 2011. I was a neophyte to the game, so I didn't do so well at first, but I got better, thus giving me a good 1v1 ratio. And I'm arguably one of the best cyber users to play the game.

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