Co-Founder of "Death Syndicate X" faction. Webmaster. High win % BH.


By: Alkimos

Avalanche X

Ex-Moderator IcyGlacier, better known as Icy, was one of the first members of DSX and founded it along with Dax and Corum. After a short leave, he returned with Donna and recruited her to DSX. Icy and Corum are known for convincing Dax to change faction flags and officer titles at random. Icy was rather comical. He was also an Archknight on the AEF and worked on all the website/forum work for DSX. Regarding him as a player, Icy probably made a lot of peoples "most hardest players of ED" list. He really knew how to play as a bh, whether it was playing as a strength bh or 5 Focus bh; you could always count on him to get wins at a very high ratio.

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