Fay Beee

Fay Beee is in third place on the 1v1 all-time board.


By: The Chosen 0ne

Nice Person

In beta, I was one win away from reaching level thirty. She gave me the win. Never forgot about that.

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By: Damage

Best Staff

she was a mod in game and she is 1v1 all time leaderboards, she used to be most hard to beat

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By: Mr. Delector

Amazing 1v1er, even better personality

Fay Beee was at different points first and second in 1v1 all time leaderboard. She held second spot until recently, right now she's third. She usually had an iconic look with her red hair, Founder Armor, Frostbite/Delta Daggers and Eggzooka or Bunnyzooka physical version. She would usually use really good strenght bounty hunter builds for fast wins. What stuck out to me the most about Fay Beee was how nice she was to everyone. If someone needed help with for instance a boss, she was always there to help. She treated everyone with respect and always greeted people in battles. She would also hang out at Oz world 6 which used to be a meeting place like vendbot world 0 is today to talk with people. She was always calm and never showed anger towards anyone. Elf Priest Jzaanu has an interview with Fay Beee on her channel "EternalParadiseED" where you can get a glimpse of Fay Beee's great personality. It's her nice and respectful personality that lead her to being a good mod, one of the best ones ever in my and likely many others opinions. Her EpicDuel forum quote was "Never look down on anybody. Unless you are helping them up." This just goes to show how nice and respectful she was to other players, old and new, pros and and noobs.

a year ago

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