Old name: Gamal - Former #1 of the 1v1 all time. Used botting but than helped the devs


By: Alkimos

Legends aren't always good people you know... Stats: https://i.imgur.com/yXQpujO.png

The only reason why he was number 1, is that he dummied or was botting so he could go away from his computer. Gamal WAS banned, then before the old ED forums went bye-bye, he was released from jail and decided to change his name. Shortly after his unbanning, for better or for worse, he left the game behind.. Even though he cheated, lots of people know him. He had his own fan club, a faction named "gamal lovers". Gamal was a full varium bh. At the end of the day, Gamal DID help the devs showing them how he cheated, so he'll stay neutral for me.

a year ago

By: The Chosen 0ne

Gamal was the OG Botter

His bot would even type gg before the massacre. I always wondered why he never responded to me in battles.

a year ago

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