The Royal Blood

The leader was former 1v1 all-timer "TestBuild".


By: Alkimos

The Royal Blood

This was a faction that was made in Gamma. The leader was an 1v1 all-timer "TestBuild". TestBuild had been an original member of THREE STARS AND SUN back in alpha. Once V3 disbanded the faction, Testbuild quit until Gamma. One thing to add that many people didn't know is, when he made this faction, he changed his name to XxCoyotexX. He later adverted to his original name TestBuild. A few noteworthy players that were in the faction were Velvet Cheeks, AxeOFury, and Da bomb expert. I eventually left this faction due to inactivity. This faction obtained 7 1v1 medals. The faction was never disbanded.

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