Da Bomb Squad

Lead by Da Bomb Expert (Aka Teufel Hunden)


By: Alkimos

Missile Incoming

I joined this faction in Gamma. One of my favorite members of the faction "CounterNUKEmissle" convinced me to join. The leader "Da Bomb Expert" now known as "Teufel Hunden", was once the Co-Leader/Co-Founder of HAX before leaving. Da Bomb Expert helped recruit the top players in HAX, that helped the faction run as well as it did back in the day. Eventually, some of those players moved on to join him in Da bomb Squad. The best way to describe this faction is as a "Elite" faction. Now I use the word "Elite" to describe factions that ended up staying alive and becoming great. Back in gamma, there was an original Da Bomb Squad that ended up being disbanded. This one had 32 2v2 wins and some great players. When the Bomb Squad finally made it's return, I noticed that there were many key ideas to him running a successful faction. I think his persona of leadership in whole, is really what makes his faction incredible and everlasting. He Utilized the Head Quarters and the Head Quarters Note Bot. He was always using it to talk about goals and aspirations for fac, dailies, flags, etc. This really made it personal & less of a blind pursuit of medals. Now in EpicDuel faction history, there have been a few factions that used varium to bribe. Not once has he ever done this, and IMO it only tarnishes your factions reputation and makes your members look desperate. When I was in Bomb Squad and HAX, both leaders treated everyone & myself like a family. A family of individuals.

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By: Jordan.S


One of the best factions to ever be made. I have been in this fac a couple times. My first time being there was way back when my good friend Teufel was Da Bomb expert before his mod days :P . Now i am mostly a 1v1 player so when i joined the first time around, DBS won their first 1v1 daily. I am happy to be somewhat involved in the history of this great faction even if it was for a short time.

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