the hive

Founder: Shadeeze


By: Alkimos

Historical staple faction within the Epic Duel community.

Faction: I was not in this faction for long, it was a bit to inactive at the time for me. However in saying that, I will not undermine the imprint this faction has left on the game. As many of you already now, the leader was a founder named "Shadeeze". The faction was created just to really have fun. While many factions disbanded (it is still active to this day), this faction remained focused. It was like a family, even though many members came and left, you were still considered " Hive". Hive actually grew so much it split into 2 factions with 1 in each faction alignment. Both factions had the same HIVE ideals & the same rules were applied. Shadeeze was also one of the founders of "Federation Elite". I think id be kidding myself and the community if I didn't mention Nemesis30. He did quite a bit for Hive, and I know if we had time to acknowledge all the dedicated players in the Hive, this guy would have received a big thank you.

a year ago

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