Truly Clutch

1v1 Faction All-time - 33 titles.


By: Alkimos

Faction screenie:

Founder was "CLUTCH HIMSELF" ( He had two other names, one of which was "The Clutch One" can't remember the other one ). Not a day goes by that I don't regret seeing Truly Clutch on leaderboards. Believe it or not, Titan mentioned Truly Clutch in one of the design videos here: at 4:08. Another thing to note is this faction had a hacker tear it apart, losing some of its medals. This faction came back from the dead & started recruiting just before Omega and had the most 1v1 wins done by a faction in Omega. I did always love the faction name "Truly Clutch". I would consider this guy a pro because he truly understood the mechanics of the game and could make a build all on his own. This was one of the more fun competitive factions. This faction was indeed "Legendary".

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