Control alt Death

One of the greatest 1v1 factions in ED


By: Alkimos


Control Alt Death was founded on June 14, 2011 by VIX and GoldSlayer1 and TurkishIncubus There were 2 generations of CaD. 2nd generation took place after the first was disbanded. Control Alt Death has won 12 consecutive 1 vs 1 faction victories from June 14 to June 27. Achieved faction lvl 11 on 10/4/2011 Achieved 300k wins and 300k score in 10/29/2011 Reached first place of Flag Capture All-Time in 11/21/2011 Reached 100 Faction Solo Battle Daily Champions and first place of Faction Solo Battle All-Time in 12/10/2011 Achieved Faction lvl 12 Grand Champions in 1/21/2012 Reached 500,000 Faction Wins in 2/4/2012 Reached 600,000 Faction Wins in 3/23/2012 Achieved 700,000 Faction Solo Wins in 5/3/2012 Reached 600,000 Faction Score in 5/4/2012 Controlled Central Station Flag in 5/1/2012 With 251.385 Battle Token! ( RECORD )! Control alt Death Reached 800.000 Wins in 6/27/2012. Control alt Death Reached level 13 in 8/11/2012 " Duel Masters ". Control alt Death Reached 900.000 Wins in 1/4/2013. Control alt Death Reached 1.000.000 Wins in 2/26/2013.

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